Nap ‘O’ Clock

napping baby

I love my child, but some days don’t you look forward to those precious moments when it’s, ‘Nap Time.’ Those few moments in a day where you can just BREATH, without chasing after them, making sure that your keys aren’t going down the toilet, the toilet paper/baby wipes aren’t making baby look like a mummy, baby isn’t getting stuck under a chair (or is that just mine?) or playing heartwarming games of peek-a-boo and trying to get that wonderful baby giggle.

I have such big plans for ‘Nap ‘o’ Clock’ each day…

  1. Make  a lovely cup of HOT coffee. I may even make a fancy cappuccino with my fancy milk frother.
  2. Get as much washing in the washing machine as possible. I try and narrow it down to two washes – light and dark. There is not enough napping time to sort out the ‘in between’ colours. I can forget the ‘hand-wash only’ items until daddy is home – or forget them altogether.
  3. Head to the ironing board with the intention of ironing a whole batch, but giving up after 2 items. Once I actually did half a shirt and thought, “stuff this!”
  4. Turn on Netflix and see how many episodes I can squeeze in. My chosen guilty pleasure at the moment is ‘Gossip Girl’ (again!) or ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ But feel free to replace this with your chosen box set. Judge me, if you wish, but I tend to catch up on ‘Teen Mom’ or (recorded) ‘Catfish.’ If I make it to a second episode it’s a sign it will be a good day!
  5. Bring the washing in. Again. I struggle doing the full job. My friends laugh at how long I leave washing out for, or that it’s out in the rain, or they ask, ‘Is it the same batch that was out there 3 days ago?’ (Wow, this is making me feel lazy!) But, come on, socks and knickers seem to take forever to get off the line!
  6. Make something to eat, without thinking, ‘Can my baby eat this, if he wants some?’ Today I splashed out and made a salmon and cream cheese bagel! (I am so sophisticated) I even wondered if I had time for two because who knows when I would eat again? Some days I binge eat during ‘Nap ‘O’ clock’ and I know some of you reading this do as well!
  7. Tidy -ish. Dump all baby toys in a corner, wipe down sides (with a baby wipe or a sock), empty half the dishwasher (I’m starting to understand why the hubby calls me ‘half-a-job Mary’).
  8. Look at the hoover.
  9. Wash. Have a really quiet shower, trying not to wake the baby. Sometimes I even have time to wash my hair, or shave a leg or two (gasp!) Today, I discovered a bath is possible, if it’s quick. I found myself thinking that spirt frogthis was the equivalent of a Mummy Spa morning! Even with the Vtech singing frog squirting water.
  10. Do make up – sometimes I have to prioritise and if I know I’m going out for the day, make up comes quite high up on the list. I know, however, I can do it in under 5 minutes if I need to! (Erase this job if you do not plan on going out, or just nipping to the shop. I may, however, have multi-tasked and done it during Catfish.)
  11. Google stuff (and decide to write a  blog about favourite things to google as parent).
  12. Facebook stalk – everybody you can.
  13. Play ‘Cooking fever’ on my phone. Can I get three stars before the little man wakes up. One time I heard him crying and had to PAUSE my game! (The cheek of it).
  14. My favourite one – sit and do absolutely nothing and just wait. Worried that if I start a job (let’s be honest, I clearly do not finish them) I will just have to stop anyway. So, its just an hour of living on the edge.

Please note that in my world, none of the above include napping. I think I only napped when baby was asleep a few times because, now, I think that being asleep is a waste of this this precious, precious time!

I say all this, but one morning the little man had a three hour nap, and I was, actually, BORED! Yes, it’s true, I found that I had nothing to do and I kept creeping into his room to see if he was nearly waking up! I was in his room when he decided to wake up and I could see, on his face, he was baffled that he didn’t need to cry to get me.

All this has left me thinking, what on earth did I do before baby?

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