A little bit of me…


I sit here with a gin and tonic in one hand, baby just about settled in bed and master chef in the background. I want to write a blog not for numerous reasons; to give my brain a workout after 9 months of being a SAHM, to share my story and to have an outlet for my feelings and emotions.

I hate, ‘all about me sections,’ really (as much as I hate bloody ice-breakers at meetings) so I feel the easiest way to do this is a simple one to ten (or as many as I can manage):

  1. I am a primary school teacher in a now, ‘good’ school! Yaaay!
  2. I am 25.
  3. I have an 8 month year old (and yes, it is blummin’ hard work, as most will only tell you once the baby is born). I swear to tell my pregnant best friend the truth, although I am on a natural time limit…
  4. I have 4 brothers. One being 25 years older than me. Mum and Dad had a spurt of life after 20 odd years and after the first 3, or (as I  like to think) were still madly in love after a wonderful, long  marriage.
  5. I have a wonderful husband (Maybe I’m only saying that because we have been married 5 months!).
  6. I love to cross stitch, I find is therapeutic. In fact, when I was at university I used to feign tiredness to sneak up to my room to sew. If anyone knocked on the door I would rapidly hide it under the duvet. God knows what my friends really thought I was doing).
  7. Give me sweets over chocolate any day.
  8. I bloody hate housework. Its the hardest thing I’ve found about being a SAHM; being expected to have the washing, ironing and shopping all done.Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a princess and want it all done for me, Its the expectation that it will be done because, well, what else have I got to do all day??!!
  9. St.Ives is my favorite place in the whole world; the waves, the sand, the fudge shops, being able to walk around in bare feet, the pure nostalgia of years a years or happy summers, getting in a hot bath and washing off the gritty sand; What more could a person want?

I think that about it, I didn’t quite get to 10 but that is me in a nutshell. Wait…

10. 2015 was THE year for me, the reason I am writing this blog.

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